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  • Working on the Annual Picnic. Save the date for September 12, 2020 at Barb-B's Sunset Bay Grill. Rain or shine. Bring your dish to pass. More details to follow.

    Welcome to Lake DuBay! Lake DuBay straddles Portage and Marathon Counties. It is a part of the Wisconsin River formed by the Lake DuBay Dam that was built in 1943. The Dam is managed by Consolidated Water Power Company or CWPCo. During the construction of the dam, remnants of an old trapper’s cabin belonging to John Baptiste DuBay was found. Mr. DuBay was one of the first white settlers in the area who ran a small trading post in the 1840’s. If you haven’t figured it out, that is where Lake DuBay’s name originated. You can read more on the history of Lake DuBay on the history tab of our website.

    Website Links: Just a reminder that you can find information on Wisconsin River Basin Water Quality Improvement Project, Boating Safety as well as Burning Permits on the Links page of the website.

    DBPOA Purpose
    The DuBay Property Owners Association, Inc. (DBPOA) is organized under Chapter 181 of the Wisconsin Statutes, without stock and not for profit, with the established philosophy and purpose being: To Support the long-term protection of the Dubay Flowage resources as a public trust. In accordance with this philosophy the organization supports the following:
    1. Maintaining of optimal water levels to assure continued superior recreation and maximum flood control.
    2. Promotion and protection of water quality.
    3. Protection of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife populations through proper management of each species and their habitat.
    4. Support of development that protects the water resource associated wildlife and aesthetic qualities of the DuBay Flowage.
    5. Minimizing conflicts between people and wildlife.
    6. Minimizing conflicts between recreational users.
    7. Mitigating existing and potential damage to the natural environment.
    8. Support of good land use planning as it relates to protection of the DuBay Flowage and associated resources.

    This website has been designed to aid property owners in learning about various issues or events involving Lake DuBay. Efforts will be made to get information out as soon as it may be available, but this website should not be the only source of information.

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